2014 Street Stock Rules Posted

NeSmith_Street_Stock Presented by AR Bodies (3)Attention Street Stock Racers— On behalf of the all the staff of Crate Racin, USA, we would like to commend all the great drivers of the NeSmith Street Stock Division, on a fantastic inaugural season.  All of you participated in something that on day will be looked back on as a historic and corner stone moment in street stock racing, where sanctioning bodies, track owners and promoters, and racers, came together and began to race under a unified set of rules.  There was great racing throughout 2013 at every sanctioned event, and at every sanctioned track.  We would like to say Thank You, to everyone involved that made the inaugural 2013 season, the great success that it was.

On October 26, 2013, officials from the NeSmith Performance Parts Street Stock Division, The Mississippi State Street Stock Series, sanctioned track owners/promoters, and sanctioned track technical directors, met at Whynot Motorsports Park, to discuss the 2014 rules package.  Very few changes are coming, but mostly clarifications of rules, that we as officials felt like needed firming up going into 2014.  The 2014 rules are now posted, with the changes and clarifications highlighted in red.  The rules that are posted have been agreed upon by all parties involved, with the fairness, economics, and the best interest of every participating street stock racer in mind.

Also brought up at the meeting, was how the rumor mill was working overtime near the seasons end, and we would like to take a moment to clarify, and squelch a few of the most prevalent rumors.  First the rumor is that the NeSmith Performance Parts Street Stock Division will soon force or mandate all racers to purchase and race a 602 Chevrolet Performance Circle Track Engine.  This is NOT true.  It is not the intent or desire of the series to in any way, to stop the ingenuity of the racer who likes to build his own engine.  It is part of what makes Street Stock racing great.  If you as a racer want to build your own engine or have it built by an engine builder, that is your option and we have no problem with it all.  The 602 crate engine is simply one option, of three different engine options available to compete with.  Yes we feel the 602 is a very affordable and competitive option, but it is not and will not be mandatory.  As NeSmith Chevrolet is our title sponsor we will promote the success of the 602 engine in competition, and hope that it does help NeSmith Chevrolet sell engines, we owe that to our title sponsor.

The latest rumor that a few have started on social media is that with the announcement of AR Bodies, as the presenting sponsor of the NeSmith Performance Parts Street Stock Series, that the new AR Bodies Street Stock body will be mandatory.  Again this is NOT true at all.  The one thing that has constantly been brought forth since the beginning of this series is that stock bodies are getting harder and harder to come by, and when they can be found they are extremely pricey.  We approached AR bodies about coming up with something that would be affordable, durable, and readily available to the racers, to give you the racers more options for your body needs.  We feel that AR Bodies has done that, and they also wanted to be a part of this great street stock series as a sponsor.  The AR Bodies street stock body is an option or choice for you the racer.  It is NOT mandatory, and NOT required.

We know that when writing a set of rules there is no way to make everyone happy with every rule, rule change, or rule clarification.  We have tried our best to keep the intent of street stock racing what it should be.  We have strived to keep the rules economical and fair for everyone involved.  We wish everyone the most success and best of luck in 2014, as well as wish everyone and their families a safe and joyful holiday season.